Modern Combat 5 2.8.0q Apk + Mod (God Mode + Money) + Data Android

Modern Combat 5 2.8.0q Apk + Mod (God Mode + Money) + Data Android

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    December 18, 2017

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    Android 4.0 and up

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    Download Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS apk mod revdl, rexdl android

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Modern Combat 5 Apk + Mod

Modern Combat 5 2.8.0q Apk + Mod (God Mode + Unlimited Money) + Data Obb High Compress Android

Modern Combat 5 Apk + Mod revdl – Selamat malam sobat apkdlmod… Update mod game Modern Combat 5 terbaru nih. Game besutan Gameloft salah satu game android HD terbaik sekaligus paling laris loh! sejauh ini sudah di install sebanyak 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 menurut data yang ada di google play.

Modern Combat 5 adalah game action milik gameloft keluaran terbaru dari semua seri modern combat android. Dipostingan sebelumnya, mimin juga membagikan Modern Combat 4 mod.

Nah! jika anda pernah memainkan game modern combat seri ke-4, mungkin anda sudah bisa menebak keseruan saat memainkan game ini. Yups! dari semua game fps android, menurut saya pribadi, game action bikinan gameloft nya yang memiliki gaya permainan paling nyata.

Setelah panjang lebar mimin menjelaskan ini, saya sudah menyiapkan link download Modern Combat 5 Blackout apk + mod + data ukuran kecil (highly compress) versi terbaru. Sebelum menuju kelink download, yuk kita lihat dulu sedikit ulasan para mastah yang telah ketagihan memainkan game modern combat 5 android ini.

Download Modern Combat 5 Blackout Apk + Mod 2.8.0q (high compress)

The last name in the mobile FPS series from Gameloft, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, had the potential to be something more, but, unfortunately, it is hampered by a number of problems that support it.

It was hard not to be surprised at how beautiful modern Combat 5: Blackout looks. You could be forgiven for forgetting that it works on a mobile device. The story mode makes it even further, with spectacular sets that will not be out of place in any Call of Duty game. It removes some impressive effects, especially considering hardware such as enhanced particle effects, fog, lighting and even some impressive reflections.

The mode of history is intense; you will find yourself on a wide variety of levels, from what seemed to be the canals of Venice to shabby warehouses. There is even an excellent voice and plot to give some semblance of the context of the Blackout campaign. The story itself, however, is not very good. He uses the trophy “how we got here,” and you play through missions on a nonlinear time scale, trying to collect together what exactly happens, like Battlefield 3.

Modern Combat 5 has no shortage of glasses.

The most important aspect of any FPS is how it plays, and it is here that Modern Bomb 5 stumbles the most. It uses some uncomfortable placement on the screen, which makes it difficult or targeted or fired, depending on the control scheme you have chosen. Without a third-party controller, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is incredibly inconvenient to play, and this is mainly because instead of using the strengths of the mobile platform, Gameloft decided to pursue the elusive “console experience.”

The left side of the display is designed for movement, and on the right side there is a bunch of buttons for shooting, directed downwards at the sights and reloading. To look around, you have to drag your thumb to the right side of the display, trying to avoid accidentally pressing any of the buttons. As you can imagine, this also makes it difficult to aim and shoot.

Another serious problem, especially given the platform, is that you can not play at all on the MC5 if you are constantly connected to the Internet. Even a campaign with one player is blocked behind this mandatory online request. While mobile communication has come a long way, it is still far from perfect, and this makes the prospect of playing Blackout during, for example, daily travel, quite painful.

You can not even play a single player without an Internet connection.

Perhaps the game is designed to play at home on the couch, where you will be constantly connected to Wi-Fi. The problem with this design philosophy is that if you are already at home and really want to play multiplayer FPS, why do not you just start playing Call of Duty or Battlefield on your PC or console?

Speaking of multiplayer, there are many game modes, starting from the popular command deathmatch team, to grab the flag in VIP mode. The servers seemed strong enough, and I experienced a slight lag when playing on the Internet. The wedding itself seemed quite solid, and I was able to find matches nearby, where the players more or less seemed to me the same level as me. However, because of the inconvenient control, the multiplayer also falls.

Fortunately, even today it is rather rare, Modern Combat 5: Blackout does not have any microtransactions. This, however, makes the constant need to connect to the Internet even more mysterious, since the game does not need to constantly call home to confirm the purchase or another.


Modern Combat 5 – a great game with a potentially interesting multiplayer. Nevertheless, uncomfortable controls make it difficult to recommend to anyone other than the most intelligent fans of the genre. If you have a third-party controller, such as MOGA, Modern Combat 5 can serve you well, but the fact that the game needs a constant connection to the Internet, makes your phone / tablet work and play on the go is a bit difficult.


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